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Date February 25, 2020


Time 8:00 pm (IST)

How to Deliver Classrooms with This Corporate Moodle LMS

No two learners grasp the knowledge in the same way at the same pace, do they? However, if you incorporate classroom modules into the eLearning training through your corporate Moodle LMS, you may get the optimal learning outcomes and the corresponding ROI.

In this 40-minute free webinar, both Technical Manager and Product Manager will help you understand how to leverage technology to your maximum benefit.

Plus, you will come to know how BizLMS, a corporate LMS built on the top of Moodle, help you blend learning to your advantage.

So, register now and join us at the 40-minute live webinar.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to BizLMS
  • What’s blended learning and how to utilize the Classrooms module?
  • Brief live demo
  • Q & A
  • Call to Action

Webinar Info

Date February 25, 2020
Time 8:00 pm (IST)