What’s New from the Version 2.2 of This Corporate LMS?

BizLMS Version 2.2

BizLMS Version 2.2

BizLMS which is built on top of the Moodle platform gets an update – BizLMS version 2.2. Team BizLMS is pleased to announce this news to all. For those who do not have any idea about BizLMS, let’s put it in a nutshell; BizLMS is a corporate training LMS which is built on top of the Moodle platform.

This corporate LMS incorporates some small yet significant changes into its second version. You know small tweaks make a huge difference sometimes.

Let’s get to the point without further delay.

BizLMS Mobile App

The first version of BizLMS lacks support for your corporate training at the micro-level learning – a mobile app. The second version, however, provides it with a cozy mobile app. With its User-friendly Interface (UI/UX), your learners can easily navigate to a particular page, course, learning the path, etc. And they can check their course summary, pending activities, and so on.

On the flip side, your trainers can keep track of their training sessions. Thus, the mobile app for this corporate LMS empowers your learners to access training at any time, anywhere, and at any pace.

Tag Modules

In the latest version, you can tag all modules incorporated into BizLMS. Be it Classroom pieces of training, Online Assignments, Learning Paths, or something else. Earlier, you were allowed only to tag courses.

Tags help you categorize your modules. When you click on the tag, you will see the list of items mapped to it in a page.

Rate & Like Modules

The latest version of BizLMS enables your learners to freely express their feelings for a course or module through – ratings, like, and dislike. Consequently, you will come to know which modules are benefitting your training, which course is trending, and why so and so module or course is faring well.

All these communications are like feedback to you for improvement so that you get the optimum training results and the ROI.

Reporting Manager Feedback

Want your reporting manager to give feedback to you about the employees under him? Well, he/she can do it. The latest version of BizLMS gives some teeth to your reporting managers. Because they are the ones who supervise the workforce during corporate training.

This valuable feedback helps you gain insights into the employee learning patterns and how you can engage him for optimal learning outcomes.

User-friendly Interface (UI) Improvements

You know the UI is Moodle’s Achilles heel. The look and feel of BizLMS make you 100 percent comfortable with it. The good news is we made impressive improvements to make your learners’ experience profound on your Moodle LMS.

Let’s take a look at these changes; namely,

  • Improved UI for Groups – See the pictures of those who are on your group
  • Improved UI for Requests – Notice how long since the request has been raised
  • Improved UI for Categories – Segregate courses based on their category and subcategories

Organization Color Scheme and Icon Styles

These changes also come under the Improved UI part. The new version of BizLMS helps corporates distinguish different organizations with a color. You can select the scheme for a particular organization. There are seven Preferred Schemes available on the latest version.

Plus, choose the Icon Style for that organization – square, circle, or rounded square. It’s a great way to differentiate your multiple organizations.

Arrangement of Canned Reports

BizLMS provides you about 20 canned reports along with the default Moodle canned reports.

All these reports are arranged in a neat order – User-wise, Course-wise, Learning Path-wise, etc. Besides, various actions are enabled on each report – edit, delete, hide/activate, download, schedule, and sundry.

To download a report, for example, you no need to go to the report page and do it. But you can download it straight from the dashboard itself. These little changes greatly enhanced system performance.

Compatibility with MSSQL

Now, with the second version of this corporate LMS becomes cross-compatible. BizLMS is compatible with MySQL and MSSQL. So, whatever your database maybe you can seamlessly implement BizLMS on your server.

In the future, BizLMS will get compatible with all databases for which the Moodle platform is compatible with.

In conclusion, BizLMS goes from the strength to strength with its latest version. Exciting for you? Contact us for more details about BizLMS or register for our free webinars.

6 Top News to Know from Moodle 3.8 Release

moodle-3.8 Release

moodle-3.8 Release

It’s the month of November, a season for Moodle users around the world to eagerly expect something (in other words, a new Moodle version) from Moodle HQ. And some of us might already know this news that Moodle 3.8 version has been released. Here is what you want to know from the latest version.

#1 Forum Activity Insights

The forum activity insights from Forum Summary Report enables teachers to see their learners’ participation holistically. For example, a teacher can see the data such as how many discussions students started, how many replies they sent, what their recent posts are, and how much depth of knowledge they show in their replies (Word and character count if enabled), and such other useful data.

Overall, the forum activity insights boil down to these two questions:

  • Are they active learners? Do they seek (or give) help from (or to) other folks on the forum for any clarifications in the process of learning?
  • Do they shy away from the forum? If so, why? You can examine from this question’s point of view and suggest/take corrective measures.

#2 No Login Course Report of Students

Moodle learning analytics is another area where you find the improvements from Moodle 3.8 version onward. From this new addition to the reporting and analytics functionalities, teachers come to know which of their learners have not logged into a course for a week, month, or even since enrollment into the course.

So, this new analytics report enables teachers to contact via message, encourage their disengaged learners, and bring them back onto their learning track.

#3 H5P Integration

Two Open Source platform – Moodle and Joubel (the parent organization of H5P) – come together to incorporate H5P into the core Moodle software. H5P integration into the Moodle LMS will take place in stages. What you see in Moodle 3.8 version as far as H5P concerned is the first stage.

Using the H5P project, Moodlers can create interactive content to enhance learners’ engagement dramatically. With the new H5P button placed on Atto editor, teachers link or upload a variety of content types such as quizzes, videos, presentations, etc., into their courses.

In a nutshell, you can achieve the following by this integration:

  • Creating interactive content
  • Boosting students’ engagement
  • Reusing the content without developing it from the scratch
  • Kindling interest in disengaged learners to pursue their learning goals back again

In the second stage of the project’s integration which will take place in the Moodle 3.9, Moodle users will have H5P activity inclusion.

#4 Moodle Loves Emojis

Love emojis in your communications? Yea, Moodle loves them as well. Moodle 3.8 facilitates to insert emojis in your private conversations as well as in Moodle courses through Atto editor.

Thus, emojis come handy in your communications in Moodle to express subtle emotions that cannot be done, sometimes, in words.

#5 Filter Courses to Cut Through Search

Okay. You have tens of courses on your Moodle system. So, it takes you a lot of time to get to a particular course, to its reports, and its analytics. To make things simple for you and to redeem your time on a monotonous search for a course, Moodle introduces a Course Filter on Dashboard. For all those Moodle admins out there, this filter provision is a big sigh of relief!

#6 Moodle App in Dark Mode

You liked the Dark Mode on your iPhone, Mac, or iPod, didn’t you? And it’s in. Now, Moodle introduces the Dark Mode for Moodle App in its latest 3.8 version. You can enable it while you are working or traveling at night. This update for your LMS app is super cool, isn’t this?

Besides, you can view H5P content in your LMS app when you are offline.

Extra Snippet

Moodle HQ dedicates its latest version to Koen Roggemans and the global community of translators as a token of appreciation for their services. Koen has been coordinating Moodle LMS translation into other languages since 2004. With this world-wide community of translators, Moodle could make itself available in over 100 languages.