How Multitenancy On BizLMS Solves Your Need For One LMS


Multitenancy in BizLMS

So, your organization has various lines of business and be like an umbrella corporation for all of them. And you want to employ one Learning Management System (LMS) for all the corporate Learning and Development (L&D) of your entire group. If that is the case, BizLMS is unmistakably the right choice.

With its multi-tenancy feature, one of the principal features of BizLMS, it serves the need of your employees’ learning and skill up-gradation to meet the economic objectives of their firm as well as the entire organization as a whole.

One Organization, One BizLMS

In software parlance, the term multitenancy depicts the architecture of one instance (or code) of software for the shared use of multiple tenants. Here tenants mean a group of individual lines of business of a large organization. Or an organization with more than one firm in it, with mutually exclusive economic goals.

This feature of an LMS offers a good number of advantages for corporates with multiple entities across the spectrum of business.

What you benefit with multi-tenancy on BizLMS:

  • Cut costs on corporate training. If you want to go for an LMS for each firm under your organization the L&D spending escalates to a high budget. However, you can drastically cut down on the same with the multitenancy feature on BizLMS.
  • Get the data invisible among the firms of the organization. Though employees of different entities of your organization use the same instance, they cannot see each other’s data. That is, the LMS is logically separated but physically integrated for them. However, the organization head gets to see all the data of his group of companies.
  • Use the color scheme to differentiate the individual firms under your organization.
  • Feel the clutter-free User Experience of BizLMS as you navigate through multitenancy and organization structure.

The multitenancy feature on BizLMS paves the way to organization structure from which you various organizations with their respective departments under each one. Even though BizLMS supports multitenancy when you create a specific eLearning course for a department only that department’s employee will see it and can access it. That’s what we mentioned even in the pros of the multitenancy character of BizLMS.

Moving on, this corporate LMS seamlessly supports the scalability of your organization in case you expand it in the future.

Thus, BizLMS is flexible and robust with multitenancy and scalability for any corporate of any sector and any size and scale. To know other features of our LMS, visit the website now.

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