How Do Certifications Help You in Corporate Training?

Earning an award for accomplishing something is always a special moment for anyone of us, isn’t it? It encourages you when you receive recognition for your efforts. To induce that positivity and engagement in learning and development (L&D), introducing Certifications into your corporate training will be the best bet you ever take for your employees.

BizLMS, a corporate training LMS that is built-on-top-of Moodle, provides such a learning environment.

So, let’s know what exactly is the Certifications and how beneficial they are to get the optimal ROI?

Certifications in Corporate Training

Certifications module in Moodle

The Certifications module in the Moodle platform is nothing but a Classrooms module without the former. Unlike the Classrooms that are conducted internally or externally, the Certifications module offers the same eLearning deliverables as that of Classrooms but issues certification to the learners as a token of appreciation for their learning efforts.

You can issue certificates by completely customizing them: certificate design, certification course, issue date, validity type, and sundry. Plus, you can make the certificates represent your complete branding.

The certificates can last for a period or permanent. While starting the certifications, you can decide on the validity period of a certificate – for example, a year, two years, or lifetime validity of the certificate.

How do Certifications help you in corporate training?

In this section, let’s understand the significant impact the Certifications module can cause the learning outcomes of corporate training and subsequently, on the ROI.

Look at some advantages of having the Certifications module.

  • Creates a thriving learning environment. Issuing a certificate for finishing off a course/corporate training creates a thriving atmosphere of learning. It satisfies the basic need of man to be recognized and appreciated for what he does. In this context, it’s his efforts to learn and to meet the individual’s as well as the organization’s goals.
  • Sets a goal-oriented corporate training. The mind works at its best when there are goals to accomplish. If you set goals to achieve and align them to certifications, then it will set a goal-oriented L&D. Either your supervisor or you as a learner can keep track of the learning/training. When achieved goals are recognized through certification, it not only makes your learners confident but also gives them a sense of achievement.
  • Represents your brand through Certifications. From the font to the borders to the background to the grades to seals to signature, all of such things from the Certifications are customizable. Create your brand with a color scheme and logo. So, every corporate training certificate tells a story not just about the L&D strategy but also about your organization. Thus, Certifications carries weight!
  • Emulates Theory Y assumptions. Recognition for achieving something acts as a catalyst. Certifications module helps the organization fulfill such fundamental obligations from their part.
  • Prompts better ROI. A better learning environment produces better learning outcomes. Better learning outcomes meet the learning goals of both the individual and the organization. In the end, all these positive learning/training results in one pivotal thing – the ROI.

In conclusion, Certifications spurs on your learners to pursue corporate training with a set of achievable goals in their minds. And the training results automatically follow them with an exceptional ROI.