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Multitenancy & Scalability

  • Unlimited Organisations.
  • Define you organisation hierarchy/structure.
  • Employ this robust platform even when you scale-up.
Reporting and Dashboards


  • Create custom reports and report dashboards on the fly.
  • Schedule reports to be delivered via email.
  • Support Downloading of reports in multiple formats.
Elearning Courses

  • SCORM 1.2 and AICC compliant. LTI compatibility.
  • Self-enrolment/Manager approval for courses.
  • Backup your courses and reuse.
Learning Paths

  • Array of courses.
  • Target audience for Learning Paths Set courses as mandatory or optional.
  • Create role centric learning paths.
Team Management

  • Monitor various activities of your team members.
  • Nominate team members into appropriate courses, trainings.
  • Extended teams exercising options for approval/disapproval of enrolment.

  • Email notifications.
  • Course level or site level notifications.
  • Customise and personalise email templates.
Custom Integrations

  • Easily integrate with your HRMS, CRM, VC/Webinar tool and more.
  • Customise to automate tasks like User creation, auto enrolments.
  • API friendly.
Responsive & Branding
  • Employ this robust platform even when you scale-up.
  • Let logos or monograms reflect your organisation.
  • White-label you learning management system.
User Management

  • Intuitive way to manage all users accounts in one place.
  • Bulk user import to save time and resources.
  • Track your scheduled HRMS sync stats and error log.
Classroom Trainings/ILTs/Certifications
  • Blended Learning.
  • Manage Session, Trainers, Locations and Track Attendance.
  • Trainer and training Feedback’s.
Training Calendar

  • Highly versatile and interactive all-in-one calendar.
  • Display specific courses, sessions, schedules and other course events in the all-in-one calendar.
  • Streamline your organisational training administration using all-in-one features.
Assessments (Online Exams)

  • Conduct assessments on the fly.
  • Assessments specific to courses.
  • Download assessments results.
Discussion Forum

  • Train, engage, automate and impact with online asynchronous communication board.
  • Spark new ideas and add a new dimension to learning for everyone in the organisation.
  • Subscribe to discussion as you see necessary.